Milling is done in order to prepare a roadway for a new asphalt surface. We remove the proper amount of depth of existing roadway to allow for the new asphalt to be laid down. This is done so that the new roadway will "fit" properly into existing landscapes and surroundings, such as storm drains and handicap ramps, etc.

If you are interested in repaving your parking lot, road, or any other asphalt surface, and it has already been repaved before, or it is too high already, milling is your best solution! Call us for a free estimate any time! (508) 248-3603.


Sam Hicks Paving can provide a variety of professionaly installed asphalt and/or granite curbing and curb returns.

Asphalt Curbing

Granite Curbing

Curb Returns

Call us for a free estimate any time! (508) 248-3603.


You can easily extend the life of your driveway, roadway or parking lot by performing the proper maintenance. This will ensure the longest life span possible.

Crack Filling


Hot Tar


Pothole Repair

Asphalt Patching

We handle all types of patching, from small pot holes to saw-cutting and re-installation of broken or damaged areas.

Call us for a free estimate any time! (508) 248-3603.
Fully Licenced, Insured & Bonded

Fully Licenced





Asphalt Paving

Sam Hicks Paving knows how important a seamless and professional and job is to our customers. That's how we've stayed in business since 1993. Learn more here.

Seal Coating

Left untreated, an asphalt surface may deteriorate over time, and in certain conditions, rapidly. Learn more here.

Line Striping

Whether your parking lot is new and needs striping or the old lines are faded and in need of repaint, we can help. Learn more here.

Other Services

Sam Hicks also provides


of Roadways,

Granite Curbing


Asphalt Curbing

, and


of roadways. Learn more here.

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